Telleira factory

Intervention in a roof tile factory, Pontevedra, Spain.

At this unexpected encounter, two worlds, Galicia and London, are brought together through the survivors of a common past. From the Atlantic waves to the East End, bricks rebuild new lives on old memories, recovering emotions and condensing distant spaces in only one wall. A BRICK WALL.

"Building blocks of life
from foundations to roof tiles.

They were born in factories today forgotten, but each one of them perpetuates the essence and memory, while supporting us throughout our lives.

Witnesses of damage, hunman changes and evolution.

A forsaken future?"

…preserving a piece of its life!

plaster as witness, a complice and platform for its survival

Exhibition Pulse Films

London 2013

Year: 2013

Technique/ Medium: Sculpture. Intervention in the factory.

Collaborators: Elena Alonso Pérez-Ávila (poetry).