Traces and frames

The project born from the observation of the cities which we live in, their evolution and progressive deterioration, driven largely by the profusion of impersonal architecture and development of aggressive urban plans where the city´s own needs are not addressed.

An urban art project that attempts to give value to certain elements and relationships that are established within the city and its memory.

It intervenes by outlining and painting the walls of distressed places, in ruins, in transition, using the cracks, stains and crossroads to frame the drawing.

The wall is seen as a living and ever-changing element. One single element of the city that reflects the entire city, with its multiple layers, transforming over time, as they always do in cities. In the end, the wall becomes a map of the city itself.

“about balms, ointments and shrouds”

Conditions have changed. And Irene knows that.
Processes are now much more interesting than the results. Reality is no longer an entity willing to be described in an attempt to be encoded. Figuration has been relegated to a new code-based understanding, and necessarily so. Reality today serves as zeroes and ones, as genetic codes or barcodes, with electric pulses or magnetic strips. The conceptualization of reality based on ideas has given way to new models of data encryption, massive amounts of of data encryption, massive amounts of information ready to be processed

The understanding of cities, which is what interests Irene, has changed necessarily, the generic city today is expressed in a way much closer to data maps, through systems and structures, nodes and transversalities. They are images of a city, not figurative but rather processual. A city which is coded, gridded, and diagrammed because it has ceased to be exclusively physical and identifiable in its continuous transformation. The codes describe a different city today, a hidden and conceptualized city, only real in a moment in time.

Irene is interested in other codes and languages. She works with her balms and applies them to the traces of the cities that have been orphaned over time. Irene encodes dead memories and brings them back to life, making them known with new codes that smell, stain, and shout.

Her walls are a type of black hole which absorb everything. They are full of mayhem, bites and rashes, eczemwith symptoms of acute dermatitis. spills and mordants that only she knows how to explore and kiss.

She applies her balms on a microcosm or microworld, or any type of complex organization that she wants; relief ointments which are attentive to the orography, geology, biology, and many other wall sciences, which are really all sciences.

Her walls are fragments of living realities, transformed and transformable, and their new patinas, fragments of encoded diagrammic reality that cohabitate and coexist on the surface of a new symbiotic being. New traces that have already been exported and recognized, showing the value of everything can breathe on its own and that she can elevate anything to the category of intelligence.

Year: 2008

Technique/Medium: Acrylic paint/ wall